Anthony McCarley

Anthony has made a name for himself in marathon swimming, traveling around the world, swimming miles of vast ocean. A savvy executive who has spent his career in both executive levels at Global 100 companies and startups with successful exits, Anthony has always dreamed of swimming the English Channel. In 2013, he became the 59th person over 50 to accomplish that challenging swim. 
He didn’t stop there. By 2014, Anthony had earned the prestigious title of Triple Crown marathon swimmer which encompasses the English Channel swim, circumnavigating Manhattan Island, and crossing the Catalina Channel. All accomplished in less than one year, which earned him a nomination for the 2014 Global Marathon Swimming Federation Award in the Most Impressive Overall Year category.
Today he shares his story of how he achieved his boyhood dream to swim the English Channel and how that experience translates into real-life issues that you may face. He teaches business owners and executives how there are many common elements inherent to the process of preparing for and competing as a marathon swimmer and the process of preparing for and competing as a successful business person / executive.


The swim.



The motivation.

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