January 2015

(As posted on the Marathon Swimmers Forum, January 6, 2015)

At the risk of sounding like an overly positive person or boastful, I have to admit that I had a wonderful 2014 – a year that will be hard to top. Met and spent time with some great people and created wonderful lifetime memories. I did a swim that was the first under MSF Rules, had never been done, and I was told was impossible to do (St John – St Thomas; incredible feeling to complete a swim that has never been done – tingles still). And a swim that I thought was impossible to do (3RMS in Pittsburgh). Pushed my 54 year old body by doing the last two legs of the Triple Crown three weeks apart (completing the TC in less than 12 months). And did a 5th marathon for the year from Anacapa in beautiful, crystal water. I was honored and humbled to be asked to review the newly written MSF Rules before they were published and to participate on this year’s ratification committee. And ended up in the first MSF calendar… I must say, how cool is that?

Jill St.Clair