Why I Do This

January 2014

Originally the goal was very simple: swim the English Channel. It took four years to turn a dream into a goal and then turn a goal into an accomplishment.  I thought I would be done with this crazy amounts of swimming thing.  But now I am addicted.  Addicted to the sense of joy and accomplishment that comes from striving to do something you thought was beyond you.  Addicted to being in better shape at 54 than I was at 44 and, most likely, 34 and even 24. Addicted to the marathon swimming community - wonderful, wonderful, wonderful people in this sport. I have gotten closer to friends I already had and I now have friends around the world that I would not otherwise have.

In 2014 I have a few swims planned.  The first is a triple crossing of St Thomas/ St John (USVI) scheduled for January 18th.  Then June 28th a lap around Manhattan.  Three weeks later, on July 19th one length from Catalina island into the mainland.  Hope to be allowed to swim in the first 3River Swim in Pittsburgh September 13th.  And hope to get another swim done in either late August or early October.

Michelle Martinez