November 2014

This was a great marathon swimming year! The popularity of the sport is exploding. And I had my best year ever.

My next swim is for a great cause and the only fundraiser I do:  the Frogman Swim benefiting the Navy SEAL Foundation.  If you would like to contribute, please use this link:

The year of 2014 was a full year - completing five significant marathon swims.  (Including the two swims in 2013, completed seven marathon swims in 15 months.)   Became the 93rd person to complete the Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming and the 8th person to complete it in less than twelve months (11 months 5 days).  The five marathon swims in 2014 included a variety of formats and locations:

  • A Pioneering Swim in the Atlantic Ocean – First swim ever between the islands of St John and St Thomas and it was the first swim under newly published Marathon Swimming Federation Rules - 7 Miles

  • A Circumnavigation Swim – Around Manhattan – 28.5 Miles

  • A Pacific Ocean Channel Swim – Catalina Channel – 20.2 Miles

  • An Experimental River Swim – One of three swimmers to participate in an upstream/downstream swim consisting of 10k in each of the three Pittsburgh rivers – 30k

  • A Second Pacific Ocean Channel Swim – Santa Barbara Channel – 12.4 Miles

Michelle Martinez